Migratory birds and their stint with Kashmir Valley

Srinagar: Migratory birds fly above wetlands in Hokersar, Srinagar, More than 2.5 million migratory birds have arrived in Kashmir this year. The wetlands across Kashmir valley these days are abuzz with chirping of visiting birds.

kashmir migratory birds

Come winter and thousands of migratory birds flock the region’s picturesque wetlands that provide them suitable aura during winters. kashmir migratory birdsThese birds migrate from far off destinations like parts of North Europe, Siberia, Afghanistan, Central Asia, Philippines and China in wake of harsh winters prevalent there.

kashmir migratory birds

The migratory birds fly in highly disciplined patterns. The eldest of the flock leads the flock like an experienced pilot.

It is always the elder bird which is assigned the leadership duties during the flight because of its familiarity with the route.


kashmir migratory birds

Imagine, if the leader bird falls sick or gets killed due to some reason during the migratory flight, the next in the line immediately takes over.

It is like a co-pilot taking charge of a flight in an emergency.

Each migratory bird species flies separately… The geese fly separately from the mallards and the common teals.

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