Militant video leaked; preaches Islam and Kashmir ‘connection’


A new video reportedly released by Zakir Moosa, commander of Hizbul Mujahideen shows a militant who appears to be ‘teaching’ than otherwise making threats. The man states that the purpose of making this video is to educate the viewers. The man’s speech is rather modest in its tone in contrast to the infamous AK-47 placed to his right visible in the video. In a 5-minute clip, the militant speaks  about the so-called ‘Kashmir’ struggle. He emphasises that people who have armed themselves with guns or stones must do it for the faith of ‘Allah’ and not for independence, democracy or personal rights.  He says, “Nationalism, democracy etc are ‘haraam’ in Islam.” He adds, “Brothers who have joined the struggle should remember that they are subservient to Allah and hopefully Islam by ‘Shariat’ will be established by our efforts.”

He goes on to laud people in the ongoing struggle. Speaking to ‘enemies’, he says that they are proud of their sacrifices. Expressing disdain at people who he alleged as police informers, he said that such people belong to Hell (Jhanumm). He says that Islam is under a  threat from ‘Kaafirs’ and to preserve it they have to take any action that they find is needed. He alleges that Kaafirs are playing a ‘Divide and rule’ policy to disunite them and whoever supports them is a ‘defaulter’ of Islam.

The contents of the speech is contagious and should be viewed as per viewer’s discretion. Often, man seeks to view content only to validate and confirm his own certain beliefs or apprehensions. Over a period of time, he deludes himself to believing something that is far from ‘truth’.

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