Militants roaming openly in protesting crowds to attack Security Forces

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Jammu and Kashmir News

Srinagar : After Hizb ul Mujahideen’s Commander, Burhan Muzzafar Wani’s, killing in an encounter with the army in Valley, the terror groups have adopted yet another means of escalating non-violence in the State.

The local mob had taken to streets ever since the killing and engaged themselves in stone pelting on the army and the police. As a result, the radicals took advantage of the enraged mob and aimed grenades at the security forces. Due to the grenade attacks, the crowd becomes out of control and in their self defense the security forces have to open fire.
The militants camouflage themselves in the crowd and throw grenades at the army and police, due to which many officers have suffered injuries.
After Burhan’s encounter, over a period of five days, innumerable outrages have occurred. Earlier, these terror groups used to target main areas only but now they are extending the realm.
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