Misrule of Congress ruined the country for 60 years: BJP


arun kumar gupta bjp

BJP State Spokesperson & State Election Media Incharge Arun Kumar Gupta strongly condemned the statement of Former Chief Minister of J&K & Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha Gulam Nabi Azad that BJP is misleading the world since 1947. He said that it is not BJP but Congress, which is misleading the entire country since Independence. He said that the Congress leader is ill-informed and should check his facts before giving any statement in public.

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Gupta said that it is Congress who ruled India for more than 60 years after Independence and that means Congress misled people from the very beginning adding that in J&K also Congress was in power for almost two and a half decades, but did nothing for the development of state, rather misled people on several issues. Congress played with the sentiments of the people of the country as well as J&K adding that  Azad is trying to fool people by giving unauthentic statements.

Gupta said that Congress is least interested in the development of the state and  bothers only about their vested interests. He said that the people of J&K have seen their real faces and that’s why people have thrown them out during Lok sabha elections and same results will be repeated in Assembly Elections in our state. He claimed that people want change and in these elections people will choose BJP to form the government.

He also questioned the existence of Congress and said that Mahatma Gandhi wanted to dissolve Congress after Independence and it is documented in “The Collected works of Mahatma Gandhi- volume 90.” He said that if Pandit Nehru had listened to the Mahatma then Congress would not have been in existence and India might have developed much more and become prosperous.

Gupta said that BJP has one noble mission of “Congress Mukta Bharat” initiated by PM Narenda Modi and will be accomplished soon after J&K Assembly elections. He added that the people have lost faith in Congress and they have joined our hands in “Congress Mukta Bharat” mission. “BJP has government in seven states of India including full majority gevernment at Centre and soon BJP will form the government in J&K for the first time,” he added. He predicted that Congress will become a sub-regional party after these elections.

Gupta also criticized the statement of Azad who has blamed BJP for the recent terrorist violence in Kashmir. This shows that Azad and his party is pro-separatist and rather than blaming Pakistan whose involvement in terrorist attack has been proved beyond doubt he has played a cruel joke be blaming BJP. Having become bereft of any serious issues he has now resorted to cheap gimmickry to remain in power.