MLA Gagan Bhagat visits a school; writes an emotional post


Jammu, July 25: There is LOT to be done in the EDUCATION DEPARTMENT wrote Gagan Bhagat MLA RS Pura on his Facebook Account. The MLA had gone to  attended a Public Darbar at Village Nandpur-Sujjadpur at Panchyat Malikpur where a youth raised a question, “How can a School can provide a System in J&K where we are forced to study in a school where mismanagement starts from its Gate..??”

Gagan Bhagat

Dr Bhagat  immediately visited the school, and found that the name of the school which was written on its board at its Gate was inverted (In Pic).

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Dr Bhagat wrote further, “As the schools have started (after vacations) and before somebody else, like opposition, raised questions, I decided to at least complete my responsibility as a Citizen to start correcting the Education Department my self and not as an MLA.”

Pointing out at the prevailing problem Dr. Bhagat then wrote, “We are responsible and nobody else for this mess, and not an MLA, Minister alone can correct it. We all from the society have to contribute in it. Dear Netizens, please come forward and donate your time and views to correct it and fix responsibility.”

“The previous successive Governments in our state have made this department as an employment providing platform where spouses of prominent personalities are made to relax. We expect a cozy transfer and posting in a school for our comfort, but nobody is interested to fix it,” he wrote.

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Appealing to general public to work together to improve the situation, Dr. Bhagat said, “Lets be positive and not lets play a Blame game but instead make our Schools which we compare to temple, a place where a responsible and educated citizen makes way for a better society.”

The Minister was quick to act and directed the concerned officials to make the things right. He wrote, “But can you expect that she can alone change this messed up system? Let’s all play our role to make this department right by sincerely donating time and good ideas along with suggestions, I promise your good suggestion for the betterment and improvement of this department will be taken care of by our party.”

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