MLA Samba Attacked at Cremation of a boy killed in morning Accident


A mob today pelted stones at MLA Samba, Dr Davinder Kumar Manya while he went to attend the cremation of a man who lost life in today’s tragic accident.

The MLA recieved serious injuries, and was immediately shifted to the nearby hospital.

Earlier today, a bus plying on Samba route men with an accident when it’s brakes failed. resulting in death of three students. 21 people got injured in the tragic mishap.

Angry mob blocked National Highway, due to which traffic movement remained suspended till 2 pm.

The accident apparently occured due to overloading, allege people. Angry mob has also alleged that there was no one to rescue the injured. It was finally the army which came to the rescue of those ailing with pain. “There were around 60 people in the vehicle with a capacity of just 30”, said one of the protestors.

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