MMS Scandal Case| Police go slow on investigation

Jammu, September 01: It been weeks since police has lodged a FIR regarding the MMS made of the wife of a senior administrative officer but no arrest have made in this regard. Although police was suspecting a prominent businessman of the city and a number of people are interrogated but nothing significant has came out till now.

The lady whose MMS has been made used to work in a private insurance company. Her husband has also remained posted with the State Governor, is quite influential in the State administration. Police started investigation with questioning a lower rank employee of the insurance company as the MMS was found to have been circulated from his cellphone. During his questioning and the questioning of some other employees of the insurance company, police got clues that the man behind the making of the MMS is one of the top businessmen of the city who had expanded his business outside the State also.

It is after this identification, the process of investigation slowed down all of a sudden and it is not being taken forward now and no more suspects were being questioned by police.

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