Mobile Apps to to load up when in Jammu and Kashmir


By Nishant Tripathi

Befjammuore going into the technicalities of loading up your smart phonewith apps to help you out on your vacation to the beautiful hills in Jammu and Kashmir, you must have a post-paid connection for making any use of your smart phone, because, and this is in public interest, of regulations imposed by J&K government, prepaid connections from outside the state cease to find any network here in the state and only post-paid connections can make use of network. Now, let’s take a look at the apps you need to load up on that smart phone:


gh1.A messenger app: Texting in the state can be a bit of a hassle or rather expensive because of frequent changes in regulations of bans imposed on SMS service pertaining to security reasons in the state. You got to have third party messenger apps in order to text. Although whatsapp is more than enough to do the trick for you, apps like hike messenger and we chat have added features of voice calling and video calls, making you connect in more than just one way.


2. Jammu & Kashmir tourism: Yes! An exclusive app covering some major regions of the state and major tourist spots in these regions. It contains pictures and descriptions of these beautiful scapes to tempt you into visiting them, plus a handy guide on how you can reach them from major bus stops, railway heads and airports.


3. Map my India: Google maps is a good enough app for a robotic map to wherever you want to go in the world, Map my India however comes with a desi touch and more intuitive interface to find your way through gullies and streets of India, and would come really handy if you feel like spending an evening, losing yourself in the charm of a Kashmir’s streets or Jammu’s lanes and then finding your way back to your hotel/home.


4. ICC cricket world cup 2011: Jammu and Kashmir is full of cricket buffs and you are got to have this popular app for cricket in case you’re not at home and want a live coverage of that exciting India-Pakistan match. It also provides did you know facts, video snippets and a real time scoreboard to make up for watching it live on TV.


5. Instagram: There’s little doubt that you’d be not tempted to click photographs of the beautiful landscapes and cultural heritage Jammu and Kashmir has to offer. And to flaunt your vacation to your friends on your social profile, Instagram is pretty handy. Click a photograph while taking a shikara ride on that beautiful Dal lake or on the adventurous journey to Vaishnu Devi and upload it onto Instagram. Make your peers envy.


6. Run keeper: A morning run through the clean and picturesque Jammu and Kashmir is one of the few special things to do in the state and if you’re a health buff who doesn’t like to change his routine, where ever you are in the world, this app can be your favourite, tracking all your workout stats and providing you a range of different work outs you can try while treading through the beautiful streets and parks of Jammu and Kashmir.


7. Saavan: Music can be a great companion and a mood setter as you enjoy long rides, driving through the hills in Jammu and Kashmir. This app provides a seamless surfing of music, from various genres and music charts plus live radio streaming to keep you moving and humming to your favourite tunes throughout the journey.

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