Mobile tower attacks: An attempt to escape mobile tracking, disrupt Amarnath Yatra


The recent spurt in the terror activities in Kashmir valley, and attack on mobile towers at this time is being seen by security experts as a means to disrupt the holy Amarnath Yatra which will begin soon.

Pilgrims from across the country come to pay obeisance to Lord Shiva at his abode at Amarnath cave. Intelligence source tell that increase in frequency of attacks was an attempt to spread terror among pilgrims, and to thwart the amaranth yatra which has been quite successful in the last few years. Even the union home ministry has taken a serious note of the attacks on the mobile service towers as it is being apprehended that it could be a well orchestrated plan to terrorize the pilgrims, and ensure that they have no communication facilities due to mobile towers getting snapped.

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Senior police officials also suggest that the terror groups want to send a strong message by attacking mobile towers, and service provided personnel. Sources also said that there is also a very strong perception among the terrorists that mobile communication is being used very effectively by police, and security agencies to infiltrate their ranks, listen to what they plan and discuss, and to catch them in their hideouts. A large number of terror operators have been caught as they were tracked through SIM cards which were either planted by security agencies or through tracking suspicious numbers.

By hitting back on the mobile towers the terror operators are trying two things, one is to spread terror before Amarnath Yatra, and second is to ensure that they are safe from penetration by intelligence agencies. In the past also the yatra has been targeted by militant groups but the determination of the pilgrims has ensured that it remained on course to success. However this time the goal is to destabilize the communication system which could have an impact on the visitors, sources fear.