Mobile towers being constructed inside Ranbireshwar Temple premises


Citizen Journalist Pictures by Sandeep Singh


ranbireshwar (1) ranbireshwar (2) In  the pictures above, you can see an ongoing construction for installation of telecom towers and in the back ground you can also see that the premises is Ranbireshwar Temple’s. This is problematic!

The Ranbireshwar Temple, situated at Shalamar Road is one of  the prime attractions of Jammu. Devotees not only from Jammu but also from outside Jammu visit this place almost everyday. Some of them even spend hours inside the temple worshipping Lord Shiva. Also many families of temple priests and guards etc live in there.

The construction of mobile tower inside the temple premises will affect the visitors in many ways. It generates powerful high frequency radio waves all the time. It can be the reason for headache, memory loss, cancer, birth defects and heart condition etc. Not only the tourists but all the people employed by the Temple Authorities, The Dharmarth Trust, would be exposed to the same radiations.

The law also suggests that the mobile tower should be far from the residential area but where it is being installed is a place hundreds of people visit on daily basis. The tower could be hazardous for these people as well.

The Dharmarth Trust has allowed its construction in the temple premises and lives of people are being put on risk  who actually come to the temple to pray for a long, happy life… Irony Indeed !

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