Modi copying Obama, says Amarinder


amrinderChandigarh: Prime Minister Narendra Modi was “trying to copy” US President Barack Obama in most things that he does, Congress deputy leader in the Lok Sabha Amarinder Singh said Tuesday.

In a statement issued here, Amarinder Singh said the latest example of this copying was Modi’s proposed address to students across the country on Teachers’ Day Sep 5.

“It is strange that Mr. Modi shall be addressing students and not teachers on Teachers’ Day,” he said.

Amarinder Singh said Obama had addressed students in the US Sep 8, 2009.

“He (Mr. Modi) is trying to copy Obama in utter haste and hurry,” the Congress leader said.

“Otherwise, he should ideally be addressing teachers on Teachers’ Day and not students for whom he could always choose some other occasion,” Amarinder Singh said.

“This goes typically with Mr. Modi’s characteristic style of copying the US president,” the former Punjab chief minister added.

He also accused Modi of trying to behave as if he was functioning in a presidential system like in the US.

“The way he has assumed all the powers in himself, whether deciding on foreign policy matters or those related to the home ministry, Mr. Modi has already hinted adequately that he wants to function like the head of a presidential form of a government than like a prime minister who is supposed to share power with his cabinet with collective responsibility,” Amarinder Singh said.

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