Modi to be the first PM to use special tunnel from 7 RCR to Safdarjung airport


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New Delhi: A special tunnel is being made for Prime Minister Narendra Modi from 7 RCR to Safdarjung airport, as per reports.
It is being said that the one-and-a-half-kilometre long tunnel will be completed in two months. Modi will become the first Indian PM to have an exclusive tunnel.
The tunnel runs through Kamal Ataturk Marg, Golf Course and Safdarjung Tomb and it will meet the ground at the helicopter hanger at Safdarjung airport. 7 RCR and Safdarjung airport is about 3 km apart.
The Central Public Works Department had begun the construction of the tunnel in 2010. It is being supervised by the Intelligence Bureau. The CPWD reportedly hired the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) for the project.
Apart from providing an emergency and secured passage to Modi, it is being said that the tunnel may also ensure that traffic on the road does not come to a halt by PM’s movement.
Safdarjung airport serves as a conduit for flying VVIPs to Indira Gandhi International Airport when they travel out of Delhi.
US and European countries have secret tunnels connecting the residence of head of the state to the airport.