Modi following path of Mahatama Gandhi



Like the great Mahatma Gandhi, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi also comes from the state of Gujarat which is known for the entrepreneurial, hardworking, and peaceloving Gujaratis who can be found across the world. Modi too has been influenced by Gandhi who is one of the greatest leaders the world has ever produced, and it is perhaps this reason that Modi also wants to enters the annals of history as someone who is immortal. Inspired by Mahatma Gandhi, Modi has decided to launch the Swachh Bharat Mission on October 2 to mark the birth anniversary of the great Indian leader. The PM will also wield a broom today to mark this event which aims at cleaning the nation in the next five year by reaching out to all Indian to make cleanliness a movement of the people.

Modi has also been influenced by the ideology, and faith in simplicity which was practiced by Mahatma Gandhi throughout his life. Addressing a leadership summit in 2012, Modi said that he had great respect for the Mahatma and his principles which he found very relevant. Modi also opined that simple living which was prescribed by the Father of the Nation was the need of the hour today as there are so many tensions, pressure, and materialist cravings. Mahatma’s vision was a powerful dream which could have transformed India but it was let go by some people. Modi says that as per Gandhi’s dream simple living was to create a state of happiness, and it did not require only materials. Another idea of Gandhi in which the Indian Prime Minister has great faith is his belief in village empowerment, and Panchayati raj. Modi has shown in Gujarat that great achievement can take place if local village leaders are given a chance to do things for the village, and community.

It was because of this reason that Panchayati raj institution was strengthened in the state of Gujarat, and it is most likely that the nation will witness more active empowerment of these institutions across the country under Modi rule. As a chief minister Modi also announced that an amount of Rs 1 lakh would be given to village leaders who are elected unanimously, and it led to 45 per cent of Gujarat villages electing chiefs unopposed. The Indian PM has also been inspired by the deep faith of Gandhi in Hinduism, and has no qualms in following his religious beliefs. During his US visit, Modi continued his fasting for the last several days, and survived on only warm water which showed how deep his faith in the religion is. He has also said that Hinduism is a universal meditation, and there was place for every religion in the country.

Modi has also written a number of books, and believes in establishing the ram rajya in the country which was also a dream of the great Mahatma. Gandhi believed that unless Ram Rajya comes to India there could be little development, and poverty would not end. The fulfillment of his dream might have been delayed but if there is anyone who can realize this goal it is PM Modi.

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