Modi government should stick to promise of deporting illegal Bangladeshis: Congress


Shillong, June 1: The Congress party on Thursday asked the Narendra Modi-led NDA government to stick to its promise of detecting illegal Bangladeshis from the northeastern states and deporting them back to Bangladesh.

Congress spokesman Gaurav Gogoi told journalists, “The Congress party’s stand is very clear that the Assam accord should be respected. We remember Prime Minister Modi clearly said that after May 16, 2014, all Bangladeshis who are staying illegally in India will be deported.”

Gogoi, the sitting Congress Lok Sabha member from Assam, asked the Prime Minister how many illegal Bangladeshi immigrants have been identified in the northeastern states and how many of them were deported back to Bangladesh.

“Instead of deporting the illegal Bangladeshis, your (central government) policy seems to be completely the opposite. This will have an impact on the local demography, and culture,” he said.

Stating that the Congress party wants the Assam accord to remain intact, Gogoi said that his party wants the BJP to hold true to its promise and find all illegal Bangladeshis and deport them.

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