Modi govt’s 1,000-day plan with 2022 as deadline


New Delhi: With union cabinet and its high-powered committees in place, the government has embarked upon its agenda 2022 or ‘Mission 2022’ which PM Narendra Modi often touched upon during his some of his speeches.

The government has embarked upon a comprehensive plan to work on issues such as housing, roads, and water as some of the top priorities in NDA’s second term. As part of the plan, the government plans to mobilise, implement and complete major developmental schemes by the year 2022.

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Several of the key developmental issues highlighted in the plan were also mentioned in the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) election manifesto.

Concerned ministries were asked to prepare and present a 1000-day plan. The government plans to complete 75 key projects by 2022. PM Modi has clearly instructed the concerned ministries to strictly adhere to the 2022 deadline.

The focus of the plan is housing, roads, drinking water and toilets in all homes. Among other details of the plan seen by Times Now, the government wants to open banks within 5-km radius of these housing complexes.

The government plans to construct more than 7 million homes by 2022, the government has identified landless beneficiaries who will be given land to construct houses. The government also aspires to construct all-weather roads to all villages by the deadline.