‘Modi hai to mumkin hai,’ Mike Pompeo prasies PM Modi ahead of India visit


United States:United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Wednesday picked up Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP’s) election slogan “Modi hai to mumkin hai” to praise Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

He said Modi is a son of tea-seller, who has made the development of poorest Indians his priority.

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“As Prime Minister Modi said in his latest campaign – he said, ‘Modi Hai to Mumkin Hai,’ ‘Modi makes it possible.’ I’m looking forward to exploring what’s possible between our two peoples,” Pompeo said while addressing in the US’ capital, India Ideas Summit on Wednesday.

He also said that he was not surprised by the result of the recently concluded Lok Sabha elections.

“Many observers were surprised by results but I wasn’t. I had been watching closely with my team and we knew that PM is a new kind of leader. He’s the son of a tea-seller who worked his way up, governing a state for 13 years and now leads one of the world’s truly emerging powers,” Pompeo said.

“He’s made economic development for the poorest Indians a priority. And indeed, millions who once went without light bulbs now have electricity. And millions who lacked cookstoves now have them,” he added.

BJP secured a clear majority with 303 seats, which is 22 more than it got in the 2014 elections. Along with its allies, the NDA took its tally up to 352 in the 17th Lok Sabha.

“A few weeks ago 600 million Indians gave Mr Modi a huge mandate. Not since 1971 has an Indian PM returned to the office with a single party majority, and to borrow a phrase he enjoyed an ‘awful lot of’ winning,” he said.