Modi is effective but graft, land bill, inflation remain issues: Survey

New Delhi, May 24:  Seventy-two percent of the people feel satisfied with the performance of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, according to a survey on one year of his government, but the majority also sees no let-up in graft, and more seem opposed to than supportive of his controversial land acquisition bill.

For his two other initiatives, Make In India received the support of 43 percent people, Digital India got the approval of 42 percent.

Reactions also came on some of the controversies that hit the government and the ruling party during the past year.

Some 34 percent of the people felt statements on “ghar vapsi”, or re-conversion, dented the Modi government’s image, 32 percent felt it had no impact, and nearly 35 percent were undecided on it.

Similarly, over 43 percent wanted Modi to rein in his cabinet colleagues who have made it a habit to make some controversial statements, and only 26 percent disagreed with the view.

There also appeared to be no clarity in the interference from the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, the ideological parent of the ruling party of which Modi has been a staunch member, in the functioning of the government.

Some 32 percent felt there was RSS intrusion, an equal number disagreed and 35 percent were undecided.

Then the question: How is Narendra Modi as prime minister? Nearly 57 percent opted for effective and fast, 15 percent for ineffective and slow, 2.6 percent for no will power, 3.7 percent for not so strict, 6.1 percent for clean image but not a good administrator, and 13.5 percent for less work, more talk.

Regarding the individual’s economic improvement during the year, while 42 percent of respondents felt there was “better improvement”, a little over 5.5 percent felt their condition has worsened.

The percentages were similar for perceptions about the overall economic condition of the nation. Over 43 percent felt there was “better improvement” and over 20 percent thought there was very good improvement.

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