Modi needs to act, oral threats and word jugglery is not enough



By senior Citizen Jouranlist Satish Sharma Bral

Terrorism in any form should be condemned and of course, the latest attack by Pakistan sponsored terrorists at Dinanagar, Punjab police station is another wake up call for the government. As stated, Dinanagar attack has been similar to Kathua’s attacks that shook the state some time back .This has once again raised big questions on the abilities of BJP central government being led by PM Modi who used to castigate his political predecessors- Congress PM and their government for having a soft approach towards terrorists.

Despite being in power, BJP has kept mum over the audacious actions of PDP. Release of Masarat Alam was followed by anti national activities and waving of ISIS flag in the valley and the past couple of months have been of unrest and fear, both in Jammu as well as Kashmir. Modi, instead of acting or asking their prodigal J&K govt to be tough, evaded the serious concern of the security forces as well as secret agencies. There were loud cries from PDP leadership to remove AFSPA and they tried their best to demoralise the security forces whenever they opted to act or retaliate any militant attack with strict orders of following Standard Operational Actions. But it is high time for Modi and his government to wake up and accept the challenge reposed by Pakistan terrorists who have been causing disaster in sensitive states like J&K and now Punjab, where heroes like KPS Gill curbed terrorism and smashed these networks and brought the Punjab insurgency under control.  

Punjab owes moral responsibility to either counter the threats or leave the govt to allow those who can perform better to save national integration and sovereignty. In J&K too, BJP if left with some political ethics must force PDP to counter the emergence of ISIS elements or at the least allow other constitutional alternates to apply their minds to crush such forces enjoying Pak rulers and ISIS.

To sum up,Modi needs to ACT, his mere Oral threats and jugglery of WORDS will not miraculously protect the Indian citizens.

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