Modi returns from USA with major gains on business, economic ties to boost relations


Modii_Obama_Handshake_AP_PhotoPM Narendra Modi will return home today after a successful visit to the US during which Indo-American relations saw a new high as the Indian PM, and American President Barack Obama vowed to deepen the ties between the two countries. The visit by PM was more important for the Indian side as it tested waters on how US which had denied a visa to Modi would react to this visit as PM. Analysts and political watchers opine that this visit marks a new chapter for not only Modi but also for  India as he managed to make the right moves, meet the people in a positive atmosphere, and was received by the Americans very warmly and in style. His speech at the UN General Assembly, the rousing reception at Madison Square Garden, and his dinner with President Obama were the highlights of the visit. The focus of this visit was improving Indian-American business ties, reducing the trade barriers, and ensuring more US investment into India, and if the government sources are to be belived then this goal has been more or less achieved by the Indian PM. 

The Indian PM’s adept handling of the Kashmir issue in the UN General Assembly has also sent a strong message to Pakistan, and other nations that India is no longer interested in talks, and discussions for the sake of discussions. Pakistan, and others will have to take concrete steps and show their commitment to peace if they want better and improved relations with India.

Modi while returning home also carries the promises of renewed partnership between the two countries, and corporations from USA investing in India as he met almost 300 business leaders during his trip. Although there were not many business commitments from US companies but this trip was aimed to project as a business destination which would embrace FDI, cut red tape, and ensure that India as minimum bureaucratic hurdles. Modi also wooed the Indian community in reinvest in India, and help their country grow into a economic powerhouse. For Americans Modi’s visit is significant from the point of view that India is one of the largest countries in the world with a huge domestic market. The trade between Indian and USA is already 100 billion dollars, and Indians are major consumers of US goods.  During this visit Modi also set to rest US apprehensions regarding intellectual rights, and tax regime. It is also to be noted that US business community is also enthusiastic about the Modi’s plan for reducing red tape in India, and to make Indian markets more open. Experts tell the most benefit from this visit will accrue to business and industry, and that PM Modi has managed to rebuild the trust, and improved relationships between the two countries. The warm US welcome to Modi also sent a message to the world that as a leader Modi is a force to be reckoned with, and it would be fruitful for the world to engage with him.

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