Modi’s tribute will always be treasured in the annals of Birla’s family history, says K M Brila


Mumbai:Prime Minister Modi paid a heart warming tribute to Basant Kumar Birla, the former chairman of the BK Birla group who died on July 3.

Modi remembered the legacy of B K Birla. He recalled the time when he was the chief minister of Gujarat. He said with the support of B K Birla Gujarat became the industrial hub of the nation.

“Right in his younger days, B K Birla learned the lessons of simplicity, humility and modest living from his father. It is well-known that Basant Kumar Birla started his journey as a junior employee at Kesoram Industries so that he can learn the ropes of business from its very basics,” Modi wrote in a condolence message to B K Birla’s grandson Kumar Mangalam Birla.

“No wonder that despite scaling the heights of success, every time I met him, B K Birla always come across as rooted, unassuming and warm. I fondly remember the times I met him, especially one particular occasion, at the inauguration of a new textile mill at Bharuch in 2009. He had personally encouraged me with warm words which have always stayed with me,” Modi said.

Modi said his personality and way of expanding the business has marked the growth of industries in the Gujarat. He was inspired by Mahatma Gandhi and his ideals. Although he had reached the pinnacle of success as an industrialist, it was not the comfort of financial success but the goal of serving society that BK Birla was devoted towards.

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