Of Molestation in the dark patches of Greater Kailash, Jammu

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The following is the real life account of Shweta (Name changed on request). The issue being highlighted with this disturbing account needs to be understood by all and addressed.

Image courtesy -www.aragec.com
Image courtesy -www.aragec.com

I was molested in Greater Kailash. Yes, I could have been Raped but I probably had a little share of my luck left for that day.

Now that I have your attention, I am narrating this event from my past only to highlight the dismal state of street lighting that Greater Kailash in Jammu is still struggling with. This event is from more than seven years ago. Even today Greater Kailash, which boasts of many VVIP residents, does not have sufficient lighting on its streets. Multiple dark patches even today are open spaces for molesters, chain snatchers and drinkers to exploit. Anyone who passes through Greater Kailash knows that there are over 15 lanes that have no street lights to just two.

Even today! I am sure I am not the lone example from Greater Kailash. Humans live here and they have daughters and mothers and sisters. That nobody screams or shouts about the lack of lighting in the streets is disturbing. Why is it disturbing? Read on…

I was grabbed by a guy, my sweater was torn and pulled off and I was left to scream and shiver when I didn’t even know what the word ‘rape’ meant and I was just sixteen!

Usually we were a group of four who used to come back together from our tuitions. That day I was alone, as the three other girls had their exam and had hence skipped the class. Winters have dark evenings and I was merely a hundred steps away from my home. I sensed someone pacing towards me from behind. My stomach was jittery. Before I could even think of running, he had already reached me and grabbed me. I found myself screaming my lungs out because nothing else seemed to be helping me to get rid of that bastard. He grabbed my neck and pulled off my sweater neglecting my helpless screams and shivers.

Nobody came for help.


Nobody heard… Nobody saw either him struggling to grab my breasts or me struggling even harder to not let him do that. I didn’t even know what was being rubbed behind my back mercilessly. When the tears were rolling down my cheeks, he had probably unzipped his pants and taken out his genitals to get his lust quenched.

I tried regaining my wits and strength and started screaming again. Louder this time perhaps. His grip loosened and he had gone. I stood still. I did not know if my face was burning with fear or shame or both. I was shivering. My legs refused to move even an inch. After redeeming the remainder of strength in my body I ran faster than ever and reached home.

I remember that I cried the whole night.

This does not have to happen with anyone. But it happens daily. We boast about Jammu being a safe place for girls. It is not. It has lesser incidents only because girls are prohibited to move out in the evenings.

If you think this cannot happen to you or your sister or the females in your family, think again!

I demand that the authorities to take this issue seriously. Street lighting is barely any investment to save your daughters from being scarred for the rest of their lives. And Greater Kailash needs a lot of it.

If you are flustered with the inefficiency and incompetency of the government and the departments it should be regulating properly, click and send us videos and images such that these can be taken up with those who are responsible. When your boss does not see you doing what you need to, he lambastes you. Why should someone who needs to be doing his or her job be let go?

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