MOM, Don’t judge my friends for smoking or drinking!

By Roarke

Moms are the angels on this planet and they care too much for their kids. And sometimes, since they want to shield you, they advise you to maintain a distance from your friends (particularly those who smoke or drink).

Well the advice is definitely well taken but sometimes, you know that the habit of smoking or drinking does not define a person. This is why this is requesting the moms to try and trust our judgement. Smoking or drinking does not automatically make your friends wrong. These are definitely flaws but then who does not have faults?

Bad influence

Smoking is common these days. Youngsters treat it an experiment to get their mind off the tensions and other depressing stuff. There are different situations when one needs a company or a friend who can listen to your problems or give a solution. Does it matter if that friend of yours smokes? Will you take his/her advice? Of course why not? Friends are friends right. You have accepted them despite their flaws.

Occasional smoking

There will definitely arise a situation in your life where you have to defend your friend’s actions. Your parents will surely have a problem digesting this truth  but they will never understand is that your friends must be having amazing qualities besides smoking and they should not be judged on that.

Mood swings

Are you judged for being friends with decent people or those who do not smoke or drink? Then why one should be judged on the basis of their association with those who smoke. Every person has their own reasons behind taking such steps. No, I am not defending smokers but just think for a moment how fair is it to give our reviews about someone we do not know personally?

My behaviour

If you spend your time with those people who smoke all day that does not mean you will also start following them. And in case a person starts drinking in future, he or she will be responsible for his/her actions not their friends. Nobody is so naive that your friends can pressurize you to choose such things. If someone has to start smoking, the person can do so without the help of friends.

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