Moment of Shame for media-fraternity; This Sumita Vijayan is Alive


Jammu, 24 November: By now you must have seen this image circulated widely in the social media platforms claiming this person to be the female pilot who died along with six passengers on-board the ill-fated Himalayan Heli Chopper that crashed suspectedly due to a bird hit. It seems all the Mainstream Media Houses checked the Facebook profile of another Sumita Vijayan (in this image) and without verifying at Shri Mata Vasihno Devi Shrine Board or for that matter with Himalayan Heli Services Private Limited, and published the image of this woman as dead.

This Sumita Vijayan’s facebook account is up and running and she has posted the image of six different national and local dailies rubbishing media claims.Sumita Vijayan (3) 

Here is a snapshot of this Sumita Vijayan, rubbishing all media claims of her death from one hour ago.

Sumita Vijayan


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U4UVoice confirmed with Mr. Prahlad Singh at Himalayan Heli Services who then led us to the image of the lady pilot who lost her life along with the six passengers in Katra yesterday. This is the image of the pilot who lost her life from Manorama Online and it has been confirmed by Himalayan Heli Services. Mr. Singh was appalled at the media houses rushing to declare someone dead.

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The woman pilot who lost her life in the helicopter crash flying back from Sanji Chat on Monday belongs to Avanavancheri near Kadakkavur in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. The confusion arose due the name of the two women which happens to be Sumita Vijayan. The woman whose images were published across dailies in India also belongs to Kerala but hails from Thrissur.



Not only is the supersonic speed of media-houses for the want of ‘We Brought The Image to You First‘ shocking and abominable, it is also criticism-worthy for the sheer lack of verity in what everyone has promoted as gospel truth.

The real Sumita Vijayan

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