Money can be sent from WhatsApp Payments


Instant messaging will now send instant money from  WhatsApp. The WhatsApp from which we were sending messages all day till now, money can be sent from the same app in seconds. WhatsApp’s payment feature works on the UPI (Unified Payments Interface). NPCI (National Payments Corporation) allows us to send direct money to any bank under UPI.

Money from WhatsApp can be sent through Android and iOS platforms. To send money from WhatsApp, you need to have an interim version of WhatsApp on your mobile device. Let’s know how to send money from WhatsApp.

  • Go to Settings section
  • Then click on Payments
  • Here you will be asked to add your bank account
  • When you click to add a new bank account, you will have to accept the terms of WhatsApp
  • After accepting the terms, you will have to verify your mobile number
  • UPI starts here, where you have to keep in mind that the mobile number you are verifying is the number and number of your bank account and WhatsApp
  • You will get the list of the bank after the number is verified.
  • Here you choose your bank through which you have activated the UPA
  • After this, you will have to create a VP (virtual peer address) where you have to say more things with the last 6 digits of your debit card
  • After doing so, you can now easily send money with WhatsApp.

Note: If you want to send money from WhatsApp and you do not have WhatsApp Payments in their mobile, then the app will also inform you about it.


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