Money, Muscle power ruled elections at Nagrota: BSP

Image Courtesy: Online Media Sources


Bahujan Samaj Party Candidate Nagrota Assembly Constituency Rakesh Wazir while taking a meeting of the party workers of Nagrota Assembly Constituency for assessing the reasons of the party defeat at the Constituency, it was unanimous voice of the gathering there that the Money & Muscle power ruled the election at Nagrota. The Candidates spent crores merely to win election which was once upon a time considered to be a social work and said that the basic institution of democracy had been totally broken over here.

Mr.Rakesh Wazir said that open money, wine and muscle power was used  and the poor  voters were purchased in open with money, wine and other allurements and even muscle power was used where poor people resisted and as a result people were beaten even and FIR’s were registered as a last resort.

He said that there was an open distribution of Rs. 5000/- to Rs. 10,000/- per household along with wine and for that even more than 30 complaints were made even between 18th and 19th night by BSP. In last two days a big chunk of voters were forced to change their loyalties and because of BSP being the party of the poor and down trodden was the worst sufferer. He said that if each Candidate is spending more than 10.00 crore on a MLA election what social service he will do, is better known to the people and the administration and especially some officers who were even transferred were brought to Nagrota for successfully conducting of these immoral operations and asked  the Election Commissioner of India to take cognizance of the matter otherwise the basic institution of democracy would be ruined and the purpose of holding the elections would be defeated. He asked the party workers to equip themselves and keep this in mind that they have lost the elections, not fight and bounce back with full force with new strategy to tackle this menace of money and muscle power in the next elections.


The meeting among others was addressed by Gardhari Lal ,Subhash Chander Munshi Ram and Capt. Shiv Lal Dhingra etc.