Monica, a CUJ student, may not have an arm but has a winner’s spirit


If you visit the present Central University campus in Sainik Colony, Jammu, you may chance upon Monica mostly because she’s hard to miss. The reason why she is hard to miss is not because she does not have an arm but because her conduct of herself that is packed with a confidence that most people do not have.

Monica Central University Student

Monica belongs to Chak Bumrah in Bishnah and is in the second semester of Master’s in Education that she is pursuing from Central University. Before this Monica had completed Master’s of Arts Degree in Sociology from University of Jammu and aims to become a teacher once her M.Ed. completes.

Monica is a regular participant in the co-curricular activities such as acting in plays, dancing and singing and one can see the fierceness in her spirit everytime she is on the stage.


Monica Hanidcapped Student Central University Jammu (5)

Speaking to U4UVoice, she recalls, ” I was very small, probably three years of age and was playing on the terrace of my residence when I fell to the ground floor. The hospitals in our area were not good and my arm was not treated properly. My dad is in the army and by the time we shifted to the Army hospital, it was too late. They had to amputate my right arm.”

You can crush a person but not his or her spirit. Monica did not give up and learned to use her left hand with exceptional dexterity. She has brought many laurels in her academics and her family is proud of that.

Monica Hanidcapped Student Central University Jammu (9)

She wants to set an example by excelling in her profession such that those people who lose hope after similar accidents can look upto her.

Monica is a happy person and is content with whatever God has given to her. She only wants to improve in life and excel in whatever she takes up in the coming future.

U4UVoice salutes the uplifting spirit of Monica and wishes her every success in life.

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