A month of Governor’s rule redeems people’s faith in good governance


While waiting for the inordinate delay in the government formation to end, Jammu and Kashmir has already completed a month under Governor’s rule. The one month tenure of J&K politics under the Governor has brought a ray of hope among people for a responsive administration.

nnvohraVictims of unprovoked shelling and September floods have also caught the eye of the government and administration following the efforts of Governor NN Vohra.The victims of the unprovoked shelling and the devastating floods in the valley had been ignored by the successive governments.

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On January 8, the state was pushed towards Governor’s rule after the caretaker CM, Omar Abdullah stepped down from his position. During the last month the focus had been on good governance and administration with the timely redress of public grievances. The process began soon after the Governor empowered administrative secretaries by delegating them the powers of ministers in respect of administrative and financial matters. Issues like internal security management were thrust upon, along with serious concern on infiltration attempts and ceasefire violations. He also directed Jammu Divisional Commissioner Shantmanu to complete the land acquisition in the remaining 53 villages by March 31 to commence work on a 135 foot wide embankment. He also instructed the State Home Department to check the provision of relief to the people residing in border villages who had been suffering from repeated unprovoked shelling and firing from the neighbor country. Following his efforts, the Centre too approved a package of nearly 1100 Crore under the National Disaster Response Fund so as the state government can immediately meet the restoration of public infrastructure. Even the extension of Jammu airport and Kargil airport has been appealed by the Governor. He also ordered a detachment of all teachers and their redeployment at original places of postings to ensure good education in the remotest areas of the state as well. He also had extensive discussions with the planning and finance secretaries in context of the massive resource gap in funding annual plans and need for long term planning for a balanced development of the state on the economical front.

In his tenure of over a month, he has highlighted his efforts in the shadow of good governance at all levels which has undoubtedly redeemed the faith of public in good governance.