During the month of Ramadan Kashmiris prefer to stay home, concentrate on prayers


India Kashmir RamadanAs the Ramadan approach people prefer to remain confined to their homes – shunning public places or picnics completely. Prior to Ramdhan the picnic spots witnessed a huge influx of people but as this month come up the concept of going to such places takes a back seat.

Owing to this reason the picnic spots wear a deserted look these day as people prefer to concentrate on spiritual side of life in this holy month.

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People here believe that for Ramadhan the best place to spend it at it home. “There is no substitute to home during this month. You don’t feel like going out during this time,” says Adil Shafi, a local.

Adil further says that people feel low on energy during the day so it is not convenient for people to go and hang out at public places. “You cannot go out when you feel tired.”

Among other reasons religious obligations tops the priority. “This is a month of repentance and prayers so how can one think of consuming in leisure,” says Aqib Khan, a student.

People who live in different parts of the world come home during this month to spend Ramadan with their families.

“This is a once in a year opportunity and this is the best time one can spend with family, says Muntazir Ahmad, a non-resident Kashmiri.

There are some people who go out for dinners or during evening but as far as the majority goes they like to be at home. “You can go here and there but the real Ramadhan is when you are home,” Khan The picnic places however these days don’t wear a crowded look. These place remain abuzz with the activities of tourist only.