Moral Police clicking pictures of couples to mint quick bucks in Jammu


Jammu, July 29: A peripheral police station in the city has been engaging in unwarranted moral policing allegedly to mint money according to a report in Early Times. The incharge of the police station has been deliberately picking up on boys and girls moving together in isolated public places falling under his jurisdiction, takes their photographs and then allegedly blackmails them to extort huge money from them.

According to the Early Times report, the cop was earlier posted as SHO of a police station. Soon after his transfer and posting as incharge of a police post in a peripheral area of the winter capital city, he started extorting money from lovebirds, police sources alleged.

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“Since the area falls outside the city’s limits, it is often frequented by lovebirds and others. Informers call on the police post incharge as soon as a couple enters his jurisdiction in a car or on a motorbike. Soon thereafter, he swings into action and intercepts them. He then takes their photographs and threatens to share them with their families,” sources alleged.

“The blackmailing tactics works well and a huge money is extorted from such couples to free them,” sources alleged, saying some senior officers were too getting a share of it.

So far, he was alleged to have extorted lakhs of rupees from hundreds of such couples, mostly grown up boys and girls.

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