More cracks in BJP-PDP alliance? Centre not to return Power Projects

Jammu, January 30: The demand of return of power projects put forth by People Democratic Party as condition to forge an alliance with BJP to form government in the state has been refused by the centre. Instead, the centre is willing to pay Rs 5000-6000 cr as depreciated value of the power projects instead of returning them directly.

As per media reports, the union government is contemplating some big measures which will take the shape of formal provision in the forthcoming Union budget with regard to power projects in J&K and in view of the growing significance of the issue, the GOI is ready to earmark funds to the tune of Rs 5000-6000 crores exclusively in the budget for next financial year. This proposal is being prepared on the lines of depreciated value of these projects.

This is a very clear implication that the centre is not at all ready to return the power projects to the state even if it is a condition in the Agenda of Alliance. However, the sources also said that PDP is likely not to settle for this since this demand has been put forth since day one and it was also raked up last month as unsettled agenda.

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