More than one child is going missing everyday in Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu, October 06: Children in Jammu have been going missing at an alarming rate with a very marginal number are being charge sheeted. Although the government at centre is giving repeated advisories to take strict action to curtail the growing number of crime against children, the conviction rate against these crimes is still zero.

As per the data provided by National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) to a local daily, around 1,500 children went missing from the state in the last four years which makes the rate of more than one child per day. In year 2014, around 490 children went missing. Out of these 490, 235 kids were found by various law enforcement agencies while the remaining 255 are still untraced. The records also says that only 139 cases out of these 490 were registered with police and only 49 were chargesheeted while conviction rate of these cases remained zero.

Also for the year 2013, a total of 431 children went missing across Jammu and Kashmir out of which 237 were traced by law enforcement agencies while 194 remained untraced. Again out of these 431, 26 cases were registered and only 18 cases were charge sheeted and conviction rate was zero.

The data clearly shows that the state police department is not taking the directions of Union government seriously. The Union Government in its advisory has said “Set up exclusive ‘Crime against Women/Children’ desks in each police station. There should be no delay, whatsoever, in registration of FIRs in all cases of crime against children. All out efforts should be made to apprehend all the accused named in the FIR immediately so as to generate confidence in the victims and their family members. The administration and police should play a more proactive role in detection and investigation of crime against children and also ensuring that there is no under reporting”,

The fourth section of advisory reads: “Cases of crime against children should be thoroughly investigated and charge sheets against the accused persons should be filed within three months from the date of occurrence without compromising on the quality of investigation. Proper supervision of such cases should be ensured from recording of FIR to the disposal of the case. Speedy investigation should be conducted in heinous crimes like rape, murder etc. The medical examination of rape victims should be conducted without delay”.

But the Police department’s insensitive approach has kept the conviction rate zero till now.

However, there is a little improvement in the working of police this year as told by NCRB. In the first seven months of the year only 56 children has been gone missing out of which 29 has been traced.

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