Morning Scenes after thunderstorm that hit Jammu last night


JAMMU: The devastating thunderstorm which shook Jammu last night, took everyone’s breath away. The thunderstorm was followed by rains hence giving relief from the scorching heat. Yesterday, the mercury touched 40 degree celcius with humidity at it’s peak. Though rains brought relief, thunderstorm before the rain led to mass power cut in Jammu region and widespread devastation across the city.

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While in some places the poles got uprooted from the ground, at others tees fell on the cars parked below them. Due to this catastrophic storm, power supply has been disrupted in maximum areas of Jammu. The HT. 33 KV and 11 KV lines have suffered major to minor damages. Teams are deployed since early morning to resurrect the electricity supply.

Needless to say, nature’s fury was in it’s full swing last night. We’ll let the pictures say it all. See for yourself:

jammu thunderstorm5
jammu thunderstorm6
jammu thunderstorm6 jammu thunderstorm6 jammu thunderstorm6 jammu thunderstorm6 jammu thunderstorm4

While government can’t control such damages as losses caused by thunderstorms are beyond anyone’s control. But what is government doing about the things which are in government’s control, like Jammu city’s drainage system?

With the pre-monsoon showers earlier this month, the drainage system and all other preparations ‘have gone down the drain’ in Jammu. The city’s seepage is incapable of bearing the load of a short rainy spells and now the question of the hour is as to how will city’s drainage system will handle the big blows by Rain gods. It can be well expected that the Monsoon will bring with itself flood-like situation once again and keeping in mind the Meteorology Department’s forecast for rains this year, rains are expected to be really high.

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