Morning Wrap: A glance at the headlines that Matter


Drug Racket Busted

  • International drug racket busted ‘near’ famous Residency Road Hotel: Under operation Sanjeevani, a team of Police Station City Jammu headed by Inspector Shakti Devi. SHO Police station City Jammu. Click here for complete details.



  • It is necessary to wear a helmet if driving a car in Poonch: One look at this Challan and any person can argue that there is possibly a new set of traffic rules being enforced in Poonch district.


  • Man secretly gives wife poisonous juice to abort their child: A horrifying incident of a man giving his pregnant wife poison in order to abort their child, has been reported at the Nowabad Police Station. Click Here for complete details.


  • Two Senior Congress leaders exchange blows at the Iftaar Party: The ministers of the Congress party seem to have crossed all limits of maturity and dignity. They have now taken up the process of throwing allegations at each other. Read Here.


  • Suspected militants seen in Kathua: SSB along with the Police teams conducted a search operation and ransacked the Rajbagh area of the district. The forces probed the adjoining areas and questioned the occupants.



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