Most demands of NIT Srinagar students met; exams from monday


Jammu, 8 April: Fresh inputs from sources who quoted Dr. Nirmal Singh said that most of the demands put forward by the outstation students protesting have been accepted.

Clarifying on the FIRs that were earlier being touted to be against specific non-local students, the DY CM said, “They are open FIRs and do not have any names on them. The actions by the police inside the campus require an FIR and there are no names involved.”

Speaking furher, Dr Singh said, “There was another grievance by the outstation students against the faculty members who were sympathetic to the cause of anti-national activities. The board of directors is a competent body and they are looking into the matter and finding out ways to address the issues without any student’s name coming to fore.”


When asked by the mediapersons that the students are not being allowed to interact with the media or move out of the campus, the Dy CM clarified, “Section 144 is in force and as such a group of students cannot go out together. As fafr as I can understand, the students can go out in allowed smaller numbers under section 144 and it should not be problematic.”

“The situation shall dilute by Monday and exams will be held as scheduled. However, we have allowed for those students who want to go home and come back later to come and take the exams on their return,” Dr. Singh added.

The Wi-fi demand set by the students has been accepted as well.