Most searched on google: How to convert black money to white


Ever since surgical strike on bike money, many people are unable to sleep since then specially those who have black money. This can be amusing for some people whereas other are worried about their black money and how they can convert their black money into white money.

Who can give a better solution than google. This Question “how to convert Black money into white” is the most searched keywords in India and Gujrat State topped the list for searching.

Gujarat is known for its entrepreneurial activities, trade, and budding leagues of businessmen is one of the largely affected areas, followed by  Haryana, Punjab, and Delhi.

“This one decision will change the social culture, in the way people keep money and spend,” finance minister, Arun Jaitley, told reporters on Wednesday about the government’s move. “The honest person has the satisfaction to be honest and the not-so-honest worry.

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