Most wanted militant wants good upbringing for his son, sends baby to his parents

Srinagar, August 31: A Hizbul Mujahideen Commander who carries a reward of Rs 10 Lakh on his head, has sent his six month old son to his parents with a letter telling them to take care of the baby and bring him up well, while he is setting for an unknown destination.

This top militant is Abdul Qayoom Najar who is one of the longest surviving militants in Kashmir and the man behind the series of attacks on mobile infrastructure in Kashmir. Nazar now heads the Lashkar-e-Islam and was expelled from North Kashmir’s Sopore area after carrying attack on various mobile towers and killing a number of civilians.  The security agencies, which had already declared Najar a most wanted militant with a bounty on his head, had so far been unable to nab him. Police sources said the security agencies did not have a picture of the elusive militant commander.

As per reports in The Tribune, the baby and letter were delivered to Najar’s parents living in  in north Kashmir’s volatile Sopore area by two veiled women. In the letter, Najar also said sorry to his parents for all the troubles they are into, because of him. He said he was leaving, without mentioning where, so that no one harassed them.

According to police, Najar is reportedly married to a woman from Sopore and not much was known about her whereabouts and the parents has claimed the baby ‘Abu Bakar’ as their grandson. They said that the letter and the baby is handed over to Najar’s parents but they are investigating  the veracity of the letter as it may be another ploy to go off the radar.


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