Mother unconscious, 3 men turn up at Kolkata hospital claiming to be newborn’s father


Kolkata: A Kolkata hospital found itself in the middle of an awkward situation after not one, two but three men staked claim to be father of the new born girl delivered on Sunday.

A day before the real drama started, the 21-year-old woman was brought to the IRIS Hospital on Saturday. Her mother and a man accompanied her, The Times Of India said in a report.

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The man, who claimed to be the woman’s husband on the hospital form, paid the advance as the 21-year-old was taken into the operation theatre for delivery.

While things seemed normal, another man reached the hospital saying he wanted to meet the woman as he claimed that he was her husband.

Stuck in a bizarre moment, the hospital staff told the second man that there was already another person who had filled the hospital form and signed as the husband and to-be father.

Since the woman was in the labour room, the hospital staff took the second man to the “family”.

What followed were dramatic scenes with the two men physically fighting each other in the hospital.

Hospital management had to call the police who took the two outside the hospital. As a precautionary measure, the hospital restricted woman’s visitors, the daily reported.

Amid this chaos outside the OT, the woman gave birth to a baby girl.

Outside, the police asked the two men to furnish proof of the wedding. After the second person returned on Sunday evening with a marriage certificate, the first man confessed that he was just a “friend”.

The marriage certificate, however, did not solve the mystery.

The woman’s mother refused to accept the second man as her son-in-law. The police then thought it was best to ascertain identity of the real husband from the woman herself, who was still recovering after delivery.

Looking to end the confusion, the police called the two men to the hospital to record the woman’s statement in their presence.

Things didn’t go as per plan. Again. In walked the third man.

This third person clarified that he was not the husband but claimed to be the father of the new born.

With the police failing to understand what was happening, they thought it was best to speak to the woman.

As the drama dragged till midnight, the police finally got the permission to record the woman’s statement.