Moto Vehicles Amendment Bill 2016: All you need to know

Driving without licence to cost 900% more; Aadhaar to be made mandatory for DL in the proposed bill

The Motor Vehicles Amendment Bill 2016 has raised fines significantly to make roads safer.

The Bill passed by the Lok Sabha last week makes Aadhaar mandatory for driving licences and vehicle registration.

  • It proposes alterations in vehicles, in order to make them suitable for specially abled people.
  • It provides for a Motor Vehicle Accident Fund, which would provide compulsory insurance cover to all road users in India for certain types of accidents.
  • It empowers state governments to specify a multiplier, not less than one and not greater than 10, to be applied to each fine under this Act.
  • Contractors, consultants and civic agencies will be accountable for faulty design, construction or poor maintenance of roads leading to accidents.
  • A time limit of six months has been specified for an application of compensation to the Claims Tribunal with regard to road accidents.