Movie tickets get more expensive in Jammu starting July 1

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Jammu : Watching movies in the state of Jammu and Kashmir has now become more expensive than it ever was.

The rule came into effect on Friday and almost after ten years the malls and theatres throughout the state have implemented a 5% Entertainment duty. As a result of the hike, every moviegoer will be paying for approximately a 50% increment per ticket per show.

The add on has been put into force as per the J&K Entertainment Duty Act 1959 and SRO 121-2002, dated 27 March 2002.

Many multiplexes in the city have already altered their prices owing to the the reform. However, many of the owners as well as the viewers have come together in opposition of the hike.

Since the onset of the fiscal year, in the month of April last year, the entertainment duty came into existence. During the Governor’s rule that time, the order was given a relaxation for three months and in July again the entertainment duty was put into action.

Meanwhile, some of the multiplex owners are planning to reduce the per ticket prices, so that even after enforcing the entertainment duty, the viewers are not loaded all of a sudden and continue visiting the theatres.

The Executive in charge Jammu has asked the theatre authorities to implement the duty with effect from the 1st of July.

The Manager of KC Cineplex, Shashipal Singh Jamwal, as quoted by Amar Ujala that with the entertainment duty put into force, the ticket prices have now soared by 50%.
The authorities have also mentioned the fact that the abrupt increase will most likely leave the middle class out of the cinema halls. Since the youth of the state are more and more driven to the anti-social activities in the recent times, the movies are a great source of distraction for them.

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