MSK Kishtwar conducts door to door campaign on ‘How to Deal with Kids during COVID-19’


KISHTWAR, MAY 27: On the directions of District Development Commissioner Kishtwar Rajinder Singh Tara, District level Centre for Women, Mahila shakti Kendra (MSK) on third day of door to door awareness Campaign provide awareness regarding how to deal with kids during this Lockdown arisen out of emergent situation of COVID19 pandemic.

The campaign was headed by Women Welfare Officer, Roohie Shamma accompanied by the District Co-ordinators Hina Jan and Shanu Rana.

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While addressing the parents, Women Welfare Officer said that the spread of Covid-19 makes it tough for families to keep a sense of calm. But it is the responsibility of the parents to help children feel safe, keep healthy routines, manage their behaviour and build resilience. She talked about the ways to address the children’s fear as children relay on their parents for safety be it physically or emotionally. “Parents should recognise their child feelings, their likes dislikes, encourage their good behaviour and give them rewards for it as no one knows how and when this pandemic will last so we should help each other and should engage our kids in this time of crisis,” she added.

District Coordinators Shanu Rana and Hina Jan also aware the parents on how to teach their child about social distancing, hand wash routine, benefits of hygiene and good touch and bad touch and indulge them in creative play.