Mubarak Mandi a ‘Zabardast’ Place

Jammu, 23 April: Mehbooba Mufti along with Deputy CM, Dr Nirmal Singh and other Ministers of J&K visited the Mubarak Mandi complex earlier today. Her enthusiasm revolving around the betterment of the complex was evident in her keenness to restore the complex as soon as possible.

Mehbooba Mufti Mubarak Mandi visit (3)

Talking to media persons she said,

“Mubarak Mandi complex in Jammu is a fascinating place and I believe that if we can restore the place along with proper landscaping, it can be turned into the best tourism attraction in Jammu and Kashmir just as many places in Ladakh and Kashmir. In Jammu and Kashmir, this place has no competition.”

She added, “If you consider similar tourist attractions in the other states of the country and in foreign nations, small forts have been restored and maintained attracting thousands of people every year.”

Talking about the need to look into the restoration of this complex at the earliest, the first woman Chief Minister of the state said,

“I believe that restoration of Mubarak Mandi complex should be taken up on priority. We should begin with the landscaping of the building because in my opinion the restoration has not be done properly. There are paintings on the walls for instance, which is unacceptable. The fire-brigade office needs to be moved out and the building should be secured. I appeal to the locals that the Mubarak Mandi complex is your property, your heritage too so it should not be used in the way that it is being used at present.”

“We will restore it so that the tourists would come and visit benefiting the state as well as the locals here.”

Comparing the situation of tourism in the valley with Jammu Mehbooba said,

“Unfortunately, the valley sees untoward incidents which repels the tourists, especially those coming via railways. Our efforts would be such that this place can be developed so well that tourists if scared of coming to valley because of the strikes in Valley or any untoward incidents such as the unfortunate event in Handwara, they can come to magnificent places such as Mubarak Mandi.”

“We will develop Mubarak Mandi and many such other places, such that Jammu’s own tourists such as lakhs of those going to Vaishno Devi and other temples in Jammu can visit these grand places as well.

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