Mud Houses: The Architectural Delicacy of South Kashmir


Old Mud houses still exits in far flung areas of South Kashmir. The mud house is much useful in these modern days as it gives freezing temperature inside during summers and in winters it provides better warmth.

Kashmir Mud House

Mud has been used extensively in Kashmir for many centuries and is still being used. Mud has a thermal property which keeps it warm in winter and cool in summer. During the Dogra period in Kashmir, majority of the population used the sun-dried bricks as less tax was levied upon them as compared to burnt bricks. Many old buildings constructed of only sun-dried bricks can be seen in downtown Srinagar. In many areas of Kashmir like Bederwah and Poonch, houses are still being constructed of sun-dried bricks. Mud along with timber is still considered the best building material in Kashmir due to earthquakes. Timber and mud make the structure light and flexible in case of shaking. Only time will tell us whether the modern concepts and materials suit our local architecture where our buildings are located in seismic zone or the old and traditional materials and techniques.

News Courtesy: Kashmir Forum Org.


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