Mufti and BJP have are together cheating people of Jammu – Congress


Jammu, May 16, 2015:  The Congress today strongly lashed out at the  PDP-BJP Govt. over the  announcement of the  Chief minister Mr. Mufti Mohd. Sayed to shelve the multi crore artificial lake project  aimed at beatification of Jammu and  denial of AIIMS Hospital to Jammu Region.

Reacting sharply to the announcement in a press conference by the Chief Minister Mufti Mohd. Sayed and Dy. Chief Minister Dr. Nirmal Singh here Yesterday wherein it was disclosed that  the Govt. has decided to shelve the artificial lake project over river Tawi and  ruled out  sanction of AIIMS for Jammu, senior Congress leaders in a press conference  strongly  criticized the coalition government  for its  approach and accused BJP of total surrender and a mute spectator for the sake of  power.

Addressing the press  conference  at PCC HQ here today Senior Vice President Sham Lal Sharma, Vice Presidents Shri Mula Ram, Raman Bhalla, Chief Spokesman Shri Ravinder Sharma, General Secretaries Th. Balwan Singh, S. Manjit Singh and Ch. Shah Mohd. Besides Dist. President Jammu Anil Chopra took strong exception to the  these announcements and described it  a great set back to the  genuine cause  of people of  Jammu region  and the  betrayal by the coalition government especially the BJP over its  rhetoric for  equitable  development of  three regions.

On the issue of  AIIMS the senior congress leaders  questioned  BJP for  misleading and befooling the people of Jammu Region by  announcing  AIIMS for  Jammu region and thereafter bartering the interests of the people for the sake of  power.  They said that people of Jammu region observed a complete bandh in protest against the denial of AIIMS but the government  is testing the  patience  of people. They said that  Congress has set up two Central Universities one in each region which were much bigger projects than AIIMS  and the same approach should have been adopted on the issue of AIIMS for both the  regions.

On the issue of  prestigious multi – crores artificial lake project on river Tawi which is aimed at beautification of the city of temples in order to attract the tourist & pilgrims  visiting the  State, the  decision of the State Govt. is most unfortunate and condemnable. More so when around 55 crores  have already been spent and  the project was  to be completed in March 2016. They said that the project was sanctioned  in the year 2010 with central assistance of  water resources department  and funds  awarded by 13th Finance Commission  to the tone of Rs. 25 crores each and  Rs. 20 crores  was to be shared by the state government.  They said that there is no justification for abandoning the project after  spending  crores of rupees and completing most of the important components of the project, which is the result of the long pending struggle of the people of Jammu to show case the potential  of the pilgrims destination of Jammu where more than one crore pilgrims visit every year besides  the  attraction  of tourists and other population and people visiting  Jammu City on day to day basis.

The senior congress leaders  warned the State Govt. especially the  BJP leadership not to test the patience of the people and said that  Congress party would  intensify its struggle to  protect the rights of the people  and safeguard their interests and aspirations of each region in order to ensure  a balanced  and equitable development  of three regions . They appealed to the people to unitedly oppose such anti people steps  and  do not allow  coalition partners especially  the BJP to sell out the interests of the people  for the sake of power.

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