Mufti claims he made BJP accept Article 370, special status for J&K


Jammu Kashmir | The PDP-BJP government ruling in the state is likely to submit a draft before Supreme Court today on Articles 370 & 35A.J&K Chief Minister Mufti Mohd Sayeed made an interesting claim when he said that the biggest achievement of his party was to change the stand of BJP on Kashmir, and accept the special status accorded to the state. In fact Mufti’s confidence stems from the ‘Agenda of Alliance’ signed by the two parties in which the BJP gave up many of it’s ideological positions to share power with the PDP for the first time in J&K.

While the people of Jammu who voted BJP en bloc were shocked by the compromises made by the saffron party to gain power but the party leadership claimed that these things were done to gain a foothold in the power apparatus of the state. However, after coming to power, and getting crucial ministerial posts the BJP leaders both in the government and the party have failed to call the PDP bluff. And it is this reason that Mufti Sayeed has been so confident in claiming that his party was able to change the ideology of a national party on J&K. His assertion is true because the issue of Article 370, AIIMS, delimitation, punishment to officials who carried out atrocities during Shri Amarnath agitation, and relief promised to West Pak refugees has been forgotten by the Saffron party.


While appreciating the BJP, Mufti also claimed that it was first time that a right wing national party had accepted the special status of Jammu and Kashmir. He also said that BJP has assured not to touch constitutional status of Jammu and Kashmir.

Not only the CM but his daughter Mehbooba Mufti also showered praised on BJP ministers. Critics however argue that PDP was bound to appreciate BJP because it has failed to project the cause of Jammu while getting co-opted by the PDP agenda, a problem which is a curse for people of Jammu who gave Modi 25 seats only to see him skipping Jammu while announcing a major relief package for Kashmir while delivering a speech in Srinagar. It is a different matter that the package had to be bifurcated later but it happened because of the fear of backlash in Jammu.