Mufti Govt must walk the talk if it wants to end corruption


While the Jammu and Kashmir government is crying hoarse about corruption, it’s own organizations are shielding the corrupt who are powerful, and well connected. In fact several high ranking bureaucrats are being shielded as inquiries against these officials have not been completed despite years passing away. The State Vigilance Organization which is tasked with rooting out corruption is also under the scanner for this as the agency has failed to mention the names of officials in the bi-annual reports while critics allege that names of smaller fishes are displayed prominently.

Sources tell there is immense pressure on the vigilance organization to ensure that names of bureaucrats are not revealed, and the inquiries keep on lingering while the corrupt officials make hay even if the sun does not shine on them. If the vigilance officials somehow insist on the probe, then insiders allege that all sorts of hurdles are created, and efforts made to ensure that investigation reaches no end while the bureaucrats enjoy top postings.

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Several scams, frauds, and wrongdoings committed by senior most officials which have caused massive loss to the state, and taxpayer have gone unpunished because the corrupt manage to influence the system through political, and financial means. The system once compromised fails to deliver the goods, and it is here the political resolve of the coalition government should be seen if it is serious in removing corruption. Purchase scams worth crores have been committed by bureaucrats but inquiries remain pending, in abeyance, and often throttled because they enjoy the support of the political system.