Mufti Govt’s refusal to send state DGP to national meet smacks of indifference

In what could be termed as a shocking development, and another example of the autocratic attitude of the Chief Minister Mufti Mohd Sayeed, J&K police DGP K Rajendra will not be allowed to attend a conference of top police officials of Indian states which will be held in Kutch, Gujarat for three days, which will be inaugurated by none other than the Prime Minister of India. This is the second time Rajendra will missing this important meeting as last year he had to miss it because of state elections.

The refusal of Mufti-Govt to allow the state DGP to attend the meet has raised eyebrows not only inside in the state but across the country as well. The meeting of DGPs is held every year to discuss the strategic challenges faced by the country, and the problems in specific states. The issues are discussed in detail, and the DGPs also highlight the core issues concerning their organizations.

Issues like police modernization, intelligence operations, manpower planning, coordination among agencies are discussed in the meeting. The refusal of Mufti to disallow his police chief to attend the DGPs’ meet could also be to send a message to separatist, and insurgent camps that he does not subscribe to the idea of J&K police being part of the national mainstream.

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