Mufti Mohammed Sayed appeals people to come forward for immediate help to people trapped in floods



New DelhiL: Peoples Democratic Party of Jammu & Kashmir appeals to all State Governments, people, NGOs, Industrialist, National Disaster Management Agencies and other crisis related agencies to come foward for immediate help to the people of Jammu and Kashmir trapped into floods in Jammu & Kashmir regions. We are in immediate need of Boats, tents and rubber boots to evacuate thousands and thousands of people from submerged areas where buildings have started to collapse. If we don’t evacuate them quickly it will be the biggest catastrophe on this earth. Please help us at this critical juncture and come forward with boats quickly.
We have opened Camp Office at Jammu & Kashmir House, Kautilya Marg, New Delhi for collection of relief materials and volunteers are needed urgently.

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The contact number is 09419021682 (Nayeema Ahmed Mahjoor).