Mufti Mohammed Sayeed most probably the CM: PDP-BJP fast becoming a reality

The PDP and BJP are close to an agreement to govern Jammu and Kashmir in coalition with PDP leader Mufti Mohammed Sayeed as chief minister, PDP sources said today.

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The deadlock over government formation in the state may end soon, with both PDP and BJP insiders saying the two parties were close to striking an agreement.

A PDP source has confirmed that the two parties were close to giving the country’s only Muslim-majority state a government after assembly elections produced a hung 87-member house.

Former chief minister Sayeed would be the chief minister of the coalition government, according to the party source.

“Yes, the two parties are close to reaching a final understanding,” the source told.

“As per the terms of the arrangement that are in the final stage, Mufti sahib would be the chief minister. The state would have a BJP deputy chief minister with six PDP and eight BJP ministers,” the source added.

“The arrangement would be for the six-year period which is the tenure of the state assembly.”

A Bharatiya Janata Party insider added that his party was determined to be a part of the next government in the state but did not authenticate what the PDP sources said.

“We are sure no ruling alliance can be formed in Jammu and Kashmir without our direct participation,” the BJP source said.

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