Mufti soon to meet the PM after Mehbooba’s meeting with Shah



After numerous meetings in regards to the negotiations with the BJP over government formation in the state, the would-be CM of J&K, Mufti has declared that everything in on board and the pact will soon be made public. Party President Mehbooba will be meeting BJP President Amit Shah and some of the issues would be discussed and resolved. In an interview with The Tribune, Mufti told that after Mehbooba-Shah meeting he would be meeting the PM to make the Common Minimum Program public.

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The meeting between Mufti and the PM was however scheduled to take place today but it has been postponed and the new date will be declared soon. The party for all these meetings had been stiff on certain issues like Aricle 370, AFSPA. Mufti told that the issues have been talked over and everything has been taken care of. Few things that need to be sorted out would be addressed soon, he added. Mufti has been expecting a pleasant meeting with the PM and all the issues will be addressed before the making of CMP.

The new government as told by him, would be the greatest government as it is certainly going to bring together the fragments of this state. The Kashmir valley and the Jammu region witnessed a lot of connectivity and now the alliance will focus on connecting the hearts and mind of the two regions. Mufti said that the PDP-BJP combine desires to bring in the inter-connectivity between the people which has been missing since independence.

Mufti Mohammad Sayeed has served the state as a CM in 2002 too but the experiment did not work out because congress did not rise to the occasion. The Cabinet meetings cared less about bringing the two regions together. The state has suffered a lot because of the blunders committed by the successive governments and the PDP BJP alliance can redeem the state with its all inclusive approach. PDP patron Mufti said that if we insist on the talks with the Hurriyat Conference who are anti electoral process, everyone will get involved certainly. Mufti also expressed that dialogue with Pakistan is important for peace as that is one thing that is directly affecting the state. The need of peace is paramount and talk with Pakistan will absolutely help the state. Mufti also said that this alliance is already facing resistance from Kashmir as people are still not in favour of saffron party. But he is assured that he would be able to turn this challenge into an opportunity of bridging the gaps between the two regions. The party is more concerned about bringing out the real miniature in the state than power. The prevalent mutual distrust needs to be converted to mutual trust now and the party is gearing up for the most experimental escapade.