Mufti uttered the promise of development in his final roar


PDP patron Mufti Mohammad Sayeed vowed to formulate a comprehensive programme and policy for the socio-economic growth and development of the region, in the aggressive rally for the final phase  in R S Pura and Gandhi Nagar Assembly constituencies. Accompanied by other party candidates- Sardar Trilok Singh Bajwa, Bhushan Dogra and Amrik Singh Reen, the promising campaign of the party came to an end.



mufti Mohd Sayeed 25
Mufti Mohammad Sayeed was joined by the former Mayor of Jammu Municipal Corporation (JMC) and Manmohan Singh, another prominent leader of the region, along with hundreds of supporters in the final roar of the elections.

While addressing his supporters, Mufti Mohammad Sayeed added, “Formation of PDP government in Jammu and Kashmir is inevitable because people have made up their mind to give PDP a chance to provide them accountable and corruption free government.”
He added that it was the result of their good governance of the previous PDP led coalition and the people have realized that PDP has the vision to accomplish their promises amd address the demands of the residents wholly.
He reminded the people that their government had treated all religions equally and had done a lot to empower the economical sphere of the state.
He added, “Credit goes to the PDP led regime that first time aftrer 1947, all regions were treated equally in developmental and other activities.” Also, It was after 2002 that successful efforts were made to empower all regions to remove inequality and discrimination, he told the public.



He added, that it was during his tenure that an investment worth Rs 10,000 crore was made to improve the industry in the region. He added that the party will continue the policy of peace and reconciliation to establish lasting peace on the borders.



He also reminded the cheering crowd, “During our tenure we generated governance consciousness among the people and residents of Jammu and Kashmir had a taste of good governance and pro-people administration.”

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